Please view from your desktop to create your own 3D model.

• Set up your room sizes, doors and windows.
• Check the room settings, and see if the default values apply to your project.
• Choose the hardware. Basic Soft-close hinges and drawers are the default, but you can customise them according to your plan.
• Place the cabinets. Choose different types of cabinets and put them in the room. You can change the positioning, size, door opening directions, and so on.
• Choose the price level of your materials, then select the type and colour that you like.
• Top menu buttons – switch view modes, shows output options.
• The button send for quotation sends your project to our professional designer, and we help you finalise your plan and bring it to reality.

The primary purpose of our 3D planner is to provide everyone with the possibility to be a designer. Build your kitchen layout in 10-30 minutes and see the approximate cost. You can play with different options of the most common NZ materials and hardware and instantly see the price changes.
We are still working on the settings, so a lot of improvement is coming soon, and we are happy to get any response and requests from your experience:

What happens next? Once you finish your layout, please push the button “Send for quotation”, and your project will be sent to your email and our professional designer. We will get in touch with you and finalize all the details, final sizes, materials, delivery and installation costs. We are happy to invite you to our showroom and show all the samples of materials you’ve chosen, alternatives and options. We will be glad to produce your final and confirmed project.

Enjoy our 3D planner!

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8/4 Rawiri Place, Hobsonville, Auckland